Artur Boruc: King of the Unforced Error

Playing goalie can be as lonely as it gets and whether you’re a regular 7-a-side keeper or a fill-in “just jumping in nets”, we’ve all had those games where you feel like your body is as substantial as a hologram, your gloves are made of KY-coated butter and your reading of the game is definitely at a kindergarten level. For that reason we occasionally like to highlight when the pros look just as bad (and on national TV to boot).
Southampton’s Artur Boruc may well be the king of them all when it comes to completely inexplicable screw-ups. On his day he can be almost unbeatable but on his off-days almost unbelievable, continually finding new and innovative ways to present opposition forwards open nets to tap the ball into or watching a motley crew of speculative efforts bounce, trundle or squirm into the net behind him.
Yesterday’s effort against Arsenal was another Boruc classic, receiving the ball under no pressure whatsoever and deciding to show off his fancy footwork with embarrassing consequences. Definitely more messy than Messi, more strife turn than Cruyff-turn and more prima- than Mara-dona:

Boruc concedes 100-yarder against Begovic

And of course it comes just a couple of weeks after he allowed Stoke’s goalkeeper, Asmir Begovic to score with an aimless clearance from over 100 yards away (and become the only Canadian goalscorer in the Premier League this season).

The Squiggler, Miller Spiller and other favourites

Boruc has a long history of these absolute clangers, for both club and county, right through his career: here’s some of his worst:

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