Footy at the Palace?

Ottawa Footy Sevens Buckingham PalaceFor the past couple of weeks we’ve been telling you how great a venue the Complexe Branchaud-Briere will be. However, even it can’t match the grandeur of the venue that has been lined up for some amateur players next month: Buckingham Palace!

By Royal Approval. . .

The Southern Amateur League (Senior Division 1) fixture between Civil Service FC and Polytechnic on October 7th will be played in the Queen’s backyard on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The special venue has been arranged as part of the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Football Association in England and features two of the world’s oldest teams.
Civil Service FC are actually the only surviving club from the 12 teams that met to form the original FA in October 1863, and Polytechnic (formerly Hanover United) are believed to be the first team to use the now ubiquitous “United” in their name. Both teams now have “Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA” listed as their alternative ground on the Southern League website.
We definitely can’t guarantee that we’ll be able play any of your rearranged games at Buckingham Palace, St. Peter’s Square or the Sultan of Brunei’s House, but if we are still around in about 145 years or so to celebrate our 150th anniversary, you can be sure we’ll be get an indoor game going in the centre block of parliament. Or the “Coca-Cola Peace Tower at Parliament Hill ™ ” as it will probably be known by then. . .
The original BBC article can be found here.

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