Fall/Winter Leagues Part 3: Louis Riel, Hornet's Nest & Carleton U

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We’ve already had a look at some new leagues and venues added this fall and here is a round up of our old favourites that are returning from last year:

East End: Louis Riel Dome and Hornet’s Nest

Coed Leagues

As always the lion’s share of our fall and winter leagues will be based at the two domes on Bearbrook Road. We run year-round at these venues on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays and the new season starts immediately after the end of the respective summer seasons. The fall seasons will start in early October on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The 60 minute game’s kickoffs range from 6pm-11pm and the leagues both cost $1600 per team and $180 for individuals. On Sundays the league starts on the first Sunday in November and runs until February and game times will range from 2pm -10pm.

Men’s Leagues

Last season saw around 30 men’s teams playing in our two leagues in Gloucester. Our Tuesday summer men’s league is currently about to embark upon its summer season, and will continue in the Tuesday slot in fall, albeit at a different dome. The late evening slots (10 and 11pm) proved a popular slot last year and this year it will begin in early November and run through to February. The Saturday league will feature late afternoon and early evening games and run from November 2nd through to February. Both leagues cost $1500 per team and $170 for individuals.

In all of our Hornet’s Nest/Louis Riel Dome leagues, the fall season will be immediately followed by a winter season, running from early February though until early May.

Carleton University

Carleton University is another venue that we play at year-round and on Fridays we’ll be moving indoors from Raven’s Field to the Fieldhouse for the fall season. The Friday fall/winter league is entering it’s 4th season and always sells out quickly. This year we’ll be kicking off on November 15th and it looks like we’ll be expanding the league availability with some earlier game times to compliment the 8,9 and 10pm kick offs. The Friday league is a fall/winter league running from November to March, with a 4 week break in December due to university exams. The league costs $1500 per team.

For remaining Summer League Registration and details of our all of our fall leagues, go to the Ottawa Footy Sevens website or e-mail us at admin@ottawafootysevens.com.

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