Forefathers of Confederations Cup Final: Brazil vs Spain

Spain vs Brazil
Footy Sevens leagues are taking a break this weekend, so it was particularly nice of FIFA to put on a little diversion for us in the form of Spain vs Brazil in the Confederations Cup final. It’s probably the final most people were looking for with the undisputed #1 in international football taking on history’s greatest footballing nation.
The pressure is on Brazil to show that they have the team in place to deliver the 2014 World Cup on home soil that their fans crave. Despite winning an unprecedented 5 World Cups, the Brazilians have never won it at home (Uruguay upstaged them in the 1950 final on the only tournament held in Brazil). Coincidentally enough, the team they face today is the only other one of the 8 World Cup-winning nations not to have won it on home soil. The Spanish juggernaut that won the last 3 major championships has to run out of steam sooner or later, but worryingly enough for the rest world, they have looked every bit as strong in this tournament as they have for the last 6 or 7 years.
And thank you again to the appropriately named Fathers of Confederation for providing us a well timed recovery day-off tomorrow too.
Well, played Sirs, well played.
Fathers of Confederation with soccer

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