Summer League Line-Up and Fall League Sneak Preview

Here’s a quick guide to our summer league offerings for those of you who are looking for something specific. We’ve categorised them by gender, location, indoor/outdoor, game length, team cost and format. The leagues are more than halfway  to selling out, for registration go to the Ottawa Footy Sevens Website or drop us an e-mail.
For a first preview of Ottawa Footy Seven’s Fall and Winter indoor soccer line-up, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Summer Leagues

Coed recreational Soccer LeaguesGender:

All leagues are coed other than:
Men’s: Tuesdays at Ben Franklin Dome, Sunday 11-a-side at Hillcrest and Franco-Cite


Central (Carleton U, Franco Cite & Hillcrest): Friday Coed, Sunday Men’s 11s, Sunday Coed
East-end (Hornet’s Nest and Louis Riel): Mondays, Wednesdays, Sundays
South Side (Ben Franklin Dome): Tuesday Men’s, Wednesday Coed, Thursday Coed


Indoor Turf Venues: Louis Riel Dome, Ben Franklin Dome, Hornet’s Nest
Outdoor Turf Venues: Carleton U Raven’s Field, Hillcrest High School, France Cite School

Volleyball Leagues in OttawaGame Length:

60 minute: Tuesday Men’s, Wednesday Ben Franklin, Thursday Ben Franklin, Fridays, Sunday Men’s 11s, Sunday Coed.
90 Minutes: Monday Gloucester, Wednesday Gloucester, Sunday Louis Riel

Price per team (excluding HST)

$800 or less: Monday at Gloucester, Tuesday Men’s, Wednesday at Gloucester, Wednesday at Ben Franklin, Thursday at Ben Franklin, Saturday at Carleton U, Sunday at Louis Riel
$850 or more: Friday at Carleton U, Sunday 11-a-side Mens at Hillcrest/Franco Cite, Sunday at Carleton U

Game Format:

All leagues are SEVEN-a-side other than
11-a-side: Sunday Men’s 11s at Hillcrest/Franco Cite

Fall/Winter League Line-Up

The leagues below have been confirmed for fall and winter 2013/14, and we also will be adding one or two more. Start dates and prices will be online in mid-July and registration will open in late July. We will be doing a one week pre-sale again, open exclusively to captains of teams registered in Ottawa Footy Sevens/Volley Sixes summer leagues.
NEW: Sunday Coed at Ottawa University Lees Dome
NEW: Monday Coed at Ottawa University Lees Dome
NEW: Tuesday NINETY MINUTE Coed at Complexe Branchaud Briere, Gatineau
NEW: Thursday Coed at Complexe Branchaud Briere, Gatineau
Monday Coed at Louis Riel Dome
Tuesday Late Men’s at Hornet’s Nest
Wednesday Coed at Louis Riel Dome
Friday Coed at Carleton U Fieldhouse
Sunday Coed at Louis Riel Dome
NEW: Wednesday Volleyball at Ottawa Christian School, Barrhaven
Thursday Volleyball at Carleton University
Sunday Volleyball at Ashbury College
We will also be adding another Men’s, Women’s and Coed league, final details will be available by mid-July.

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