Summer League Line-Up at Ottawa Footy Sevens

Sunday League at Carleton UniversityOur last winter league played its final game a week ago, and we still have three more spring leagues to start, but it’s already time for us to unveil our summer league line-up for July-October 2013.

A few spring spaces still available

Firstly, a quick reminder that we have a couple of team spots available for our spring leagues: a single space available in our Tuesday and Wednesday leagues at Ben Franklin Dome, and although our spring/summer Saturday league at Carleton University already has 24 teams registered and ready to get started on June 8th, we still have capacity available for another couple of teams.
And of course, one week before that, we have our 4th annual Kicking Cancer’s Butt tournament at the Louis Riel Dome. 32 teams are registered and almost $8,000 has been raised for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, but the more the merrier and we can still accommodate another couple of teams in each session.

Summer Weekend Leagues

Sunday Coed at Carleton University

The spring league sold out in 90 minutes, so we expect the summer league to be the first of our leagues to sell out and demand for spaces is always high. The league will start on July 28th and feature 12 x 60 minute games. Early registration is recommended for this league.

Other Sunday options

For those looking for longer, 90 minute games at the weekend, we have our indoor 90-minute Sunday League at Louis Riel. Starting in August, immediately after the end of the Spring season, the league will run until Thanksgiving in the east end of the city.
Our newest addition will be our Sunday Afternoon Men’s 11-a-sides at the Ottawa Internationals’ fields at Hillcrest and Franco Cite. After the runaway success of our Friday evening men’s 11s at Ottawa University, we’ll be expanding the league at another central Ottawa Venue. We’ve still to finalise a few details, and we’ll post them on the blog as soon as we have everything confirmed.


The Friday league at Carleton University is another of our longest standing and most popular summer leagues, and the season will begin on August 16th. Please note, that due to Carleton University’s varsity commitments, there will only be enough capacity to accommodate around 2/3rds of the teams currently playing in the Spring season.

Monday to Thursday


As with every season, we’ll have our two longest established coed 7-a-side leagues taking place on Mondays and Wednesday out in Gloucester. The Hornet’s Nest Dome and Louis Riel Dome will play host to over 30 teams each night playing 90 minute games from late July until Thanksgiving.


Since our first league at the Ben Franklin Dome kicked off in spring 2012, it has proved to be a very popular venue for us and we will have 60 minute coed leagues on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting in late July.
On Tuesday’s it will be the men’s turn, with a 60 minute men’s league also beginning in late July.

Pre-Sale for Current Team Captains

With a smaller capacity for teams in summer than spring, we expect demand to be high and some of our leagues to sell out quickly. In order to reward the loyalty of those teams already playing in the spring leagues, we will give our current spring league captains the chance to re-register their team before registration opens to the general public at 9am on Monday June 3rd.
The pre-sale is only open to the captains of teams registered for the spring 2013 season. Team spaces in the summer leagues can be secured with a $250 (non-refundable) deposit by e-mailing after Tuesday May 21st. Full details of all leagues can be found on the Ottawa Footy Sevens website.

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