Ottawa Footy Sevens Winter League Round-Up

Ottawa Footy Sevens Men's LeagueTuesday saw the last of our Winter leagues drawing to a close, with Celtic exacting revenge for a heavy defeat inflicted by KSA earlier in the season. Ben Moberg of 3rd-placed Ottawa Fire topped the goalscoring charts with 14 goals. The Tuesday Men’s League was the last of action of a winter season that saw 196 teams take part in 9 leagues at 6 different venues across Ottawa and Gatineau.
The other Men’s league (Saturdays) saw a much closer final match. Despite a third-placed regular season finish, Red Rockets came through in the playoffs to sneak past the Hornets with the odd goal in 9 in a close final. Phuc Duong of SSKAMO and Eric Bagirubwira of Canada shared the goalscoring honours with 22 each.
In another classic final, the Friday Futsal League saw the Myrmidons duke it out toe to toe and goal by goal with Chelsea FC, finally claiming the title 9-7 after the highest scoring final of the season. Kayla Zavitske of Ghost Island had the distinction of being the only woman to top the goalscoring charts in the winter season, her 14 goals tying with Chris Delage of Dynamo FC at the top.

Other leagues:

Monday Coed Winter

    • Champions: Culturally Accepted Everywhere
    • Runners-Up: Tugals
    • Top scorer: Chris Thornton, Plain White Tees, 21

Tuesday Coed Winter

  • Champions: Ottawa Wanderers
  • Runners-Up: Dyslexia Utd
  • Top scorer: Stephen Brown, Petunias, Jonathan Thompson, Dyslexia Utd, Nick Kazaka, Super Kangaroos, 17

Wednesday Coed Winter

  • Champions: WhereistheD
  • Runners-Up: Xelaju
  • Top scorer: Mohamad Khalaf, Classic VII, Chris Bedard, Green Eggs and SAM, 20

Thursday Coed Winter

  • Champions: Green Team
  • Runners-Up: UI FC
  • Top scorer: Bruno Lima, Green Team, 18

Sunday Coed Winter

  • Champions: Mayday
  • Runners-Up: Onetouchables
  • Top scorer: Erik Saizew, All Caps 17

Sunday Coed Futsal Winter

  • Champions: Armee Rouge
  • Runners-Up: Orange Utd
  • Top scorer: Kent Mamen, Met U, 26

Overall Top Scorers (Men)

  • 1st: 26 Kent Mamen, Met U
  • 2nd (tie): 22 Phuc Duong, SSKAMO & Eric Bagirubwira, Canada

Overall Top Scorers (Women)

  • 1st: 14 Kayla Zavitske, Ghost Island
  • 2nd: 13 Carolyne Audet, Greenbacks
  • 3rd: 10 Samantha Hartly, Blood Oranges

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