Footy Sevens introduce new "Footy-Bowl" League

Ottawa Footy SevensOttawa Footy Sevens are delighted to announce our first ever “Footy-Bowl”, league, combining everything you love about soccer and bowling into one great cross-sport experience. This innovative new league has been inspired by the fantastic Messi vs Xavi 10-pin bowling commercial and the kids’ playground sport of kickball.
With so many of our spring leagues selling out so quickly, we’ve been searching for an innovative solution for the teams that missed out on a spot in their favourite leagues. Our good friends at McCarthy Lanes, Ottawa’s premier 10-pin bowling centre, have stepped in to partner with us on something unique.  Replacing the bowling ball with a futsal and hands with feet will bring a fun new twist to everyone’s favourite sporting pastimes.  Every player on the team gets a chance to be a “striker”, shooting for strikes rather than goals and it will be the one time that no one will mind being a “turkey” on the footy field (or lane!).
Go on: channel your inner Jeffrey “The Dude” LebowskiRoy Munson or Ernie “Big Ern” McCraken * and take your footy game to a different level this summer!
*Video Links may not be representative of actual league play
Bowling Footy ShirtLeague details

  • Indoor 4 vs 4 coed league
  • 12 week season starting early May
  • Saturday and Sunday Leagues
  • Minimum 1 male and 1 female player per team
  • Inter-lane netting to prevent balls straying onto other lanes
  • League will not be refereed but line judges will ensure all shots are taken from the correct place.
  • Team and individual registration available, all individual registrations will receive our swanky Ottawa Footy Sevens retro bowling shirt in awesome 70s colour combos:
    Yellow/Blue, Black/Pink, Beige/Chocolate or Maroon/Sky Blue.

Please Note: Due to the delicate nature of the bowling lanes all players must wear CSBA approved non-marking, soccer/bowling cross-shoes such as the Adidas Prila Uno or the Nike Olof. Ottawa Footy Sevens takes no responsibility for any player not allowed to play by centre management due to incorrect footwear.

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