@Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar – Dec 9th

Cheque and Cup
Cheque and Cup

The next few days will feature photos from our annual Kicking Cancer’s Butt tournament, which raises funds for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation each year. Once again the generosity and spirit of the participants raised an amazing amount of money  . . .over $8,000 to take the total raised in the past three years to over $25,000. Thank you to everyone who took part and contributed to such an important local cause.
For more details on this year’s tournament see: Kicking Cancer’s Butt 2012 roundup.
No hat on today’s photo, the silly Christmas hats will be back tomorrow.
Remember if it’s you that we’ve tacked the Santa hat onto, drop us a tweet @OttawaFooty7s and we’ll send you an Ottawa Footy Sevens shirt.
The original of the photo and the other photo galleries from this year’s leagues can be found here.
An explanation of our advent calendar can be found here.

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