Save of the Year in the Tuesday League?

Amazing desperation save from Footyballers goalie in the Ottawa Footy Sevens Tuesday league.

The first night of the Tuesday league at the Hornet’s Nest saw some fine performances, silky skills and some brilliant goals. At the other end of the spectrum some people made a complete arse of it, but we’ll gloss over that for now. The game between KIAHAYCAR and SWAT saw BOTH teams score directly from corners, something we’ve never seen occur in any Ottawa Footy Sevens game before.
However the highlight of the night was an amazing save from the FOOTYBALLERS goalie. After being well beaten by a cross ball, he looked certain to concede when the RANGERS forward connected perfectly to knock it into the empty net. Somehow he made up a ton of ground and threw himself backwards to claw the ball out from behind him, right on the goal line. Top class stuff all round.

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Good Luck to all the teams!

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