Can Anyone Hold Onto Top Spot on Tuesdays?

Notorious D.I.G. in action

We’ve reached the midway point of our Tuesday Night Volleyball league (technically this is the OttawaFOOTYBlog and that is an Ottawa VOLLEY Sixes league, but you know it’s us, right?). It’s the first league to employ a “ladder” format, and remarkably enough, no one has been able to hold onto the top spot on the ladder for more than one week. Having as many one hit wonders as the UK Top 40 has been pretty exciting so far. We started with WRECK TEAM as the number 1 seeds, but HOLDING CELL A beat them in two sets to grab the top spot. Unfortunately they couldn’t live up to their name and failed to hold on for a second week and TEAM SWEDEN overtook them with a 2-0 victory. Team Sweden were themselves frozen out on Valentine’s Day by THE RAVENS, who now bid to be the first team to perch at the top of the tree for more than one week. They’ll be facing a resurgent Holding Cell, who have broken out of their slump to launch another bid for the top.
Thursday’s have moved into the second phase of their schedule with The VOLLEYBOTS and  HOLDING CELL B posting 100% records in division B and C respectively. Both teams move up to the division above where the competition gets a little tougher and Volleybots will have to face the other unbeaten team, NOTORIOUS D.I.G. Will both teams still be unbeaten when they clash on March 8th?

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