The @Ottawafooty7s Advent Calendar

It’s been an incredible year for Footy Sevens and we’ve had hundreds of teams and thousands of players playing over the past 12 months. We thought we’d count down towards the end of 2011 by tweeting out some of our favourite photos from this years’ leagues. In the tradition of advent calendars, we’ll be tweeting out one each day until the end of the year.
Face in the Crowd Competition – Win a Footy Sevens Shirt
We’ll also be adding a bit of seasonal cheer by throwing a badly photoshopped Santa hat onto the head of someone in each picture. Why? Ehm, pretty much just because we feel like it. Why not? And of course we’ll aim for a jaunty angle when we tack them on.
If you are the person sporting the santa hat in the photo, tweet us back @ottawafooty7s with your name and the team name and we’ll send you one of our snazzy Ottawa Footy Sevens Adidas or Lazerna shirts.

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