Ottawa Footy Sevens is a coed soccer league based in Ottawa (and Gatineau), Canada. Then again, you probably worked that out from our web address. Equally unsurprising is the fact that almost all of our leagues are 7 vs 7 soccer. They are recreational, coed and hopefully well organised and fun for all of our players.  We play in various locations throughout the city, at the best outdoor and indoor venues in Ottawa. The leagues were started with the basic goal of running leagues that we would want to play in ourselves, and we continue to use that as our basic principle when planning and running all of our leagues. Thankfully,  it seems that there a lot of other people who share our outlook on what a recreational social league should look like and the league has grown to well over 100 teams.
If you want to find out more about Ottawa Footy Sevens, have a nosy around, tweet us @ottawafooty7s on twitter or drop us an e-mail to And of course, we always welcome comments, criticisms or questions in the comments field connected to each of our blog posts.

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